a local Miele vacuum store

About Us

Vac Master 2 has been around for twenty-five years. And its current owner, Jim Eugene, has worked in the vacuum repair industry for twenty-two years. Why Vac Master 2? Throughout the course of the store’s existence, it has gone through three owners. Think of the “2” much like a version 2.0 in an upgraded computer program. Vac Master 2 stands with a Service First business platform where honesty and customer satisfaction are its highest priorities.

Our Products and Services

Vac Master 2 is a Miele brand partner. We carry all four Miele vacuum options: Canister, Mini Stick, Upright, and Robot. Miele provides the highest quality vacuums on the market, but don’t just take our word for it. Read about six good reasons for choosing Miele on their company website. We also sell Simplicity vacuums, which are high quality vacuum cleaners made in the USA.

Vac Master 2 provides open pricing for its vacuum maintenance services. Visit our store to receive a free, in-store estimate for your vacuum’s repair.

Additional Information

Check out our blog, The Art of Vacuuming, to learn more about how to properly care for your vacuum cleaner.